Wallonie_Bruxelles Musiques

Re branding for Wallonie-Bruxelles Musiques.

Wallonie-Bruxelles Musiques (W.B.M.)
was created in 1984 to help artists, producers and publishers
from the French-speaking community of Wallonia and Brussels
to make their mark in the musical cultural industry.
WBM entity
steps of research
"less is more"

Express all forms of music in one logo is not easy.
What is music? Sound. / What is sound? Waves. / What kind of waves?
The letters W, B, M are they waves?
All this to return to the simple,
the maximum readability, far effects.

The WBM logo must be institutional, elegant and balanced.
The musical universe must find another place in the identity to express itself.

The idea of ​​musical partition
has helped me to incorporate
the latest elements for final signature.

Official Stationery

The expression of Music
The expression of the music is through a variation of the letter "M".
The identity comes to life, turns, expressed autonomously and complements the logo.
It is the echo of musical diversity, energy and spirit of WBM.
..  Thank you  ..
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