Water does not forget its path.

Olivier Rensonnet, widely recognised for his love of corporate design and never-ending creative enthusiasm, founded the qián agency. He is an Identity Specialist working with the best professionals in communication for over 15 years. In this period of time, he has managed to develop identities for all sizes of companies and institutions, from the smallest to the largest.


qián’s motivation is to develop rich visual communication that makes sense, with integrity and completely oriented towards the essence of the clients.

qián’s expertise ranges from pure identity creation to development of offline and online communication tools, to creation of conceptual promotion locations to office refurbishing.

Reduce to the max.

Every identity is unique: taking the time necessary to explore and discover it is the only way to avoid stereotypes. This is why qián uses a 3-step identity creation methodology:


When starting a project, qián really takes time to listen to the client and to understand their activities, history, ambitions and goals. From this listening effort, ideas develop into a concept with a solid basis in the client’s reality.

The concept then grows into an obvious form or shape, minimalistic in its essence. The form is the unique identifier of the client. Rich in value and sense, the form can then be further developed into logos, graphic universes, signatures, …

Grow, together.

Healthy competitiveness grows from a moral and respectful economic ecosystem. That’s why qián’s loyalty and generosity towards its clients is at the forefront of the daily activities.


These authentic values are also shared with qián’s network of specialists called in on an ad-hoc basis to help with their specific expertise on a project.

Intelligent resource and knowledge sharing can also be applied through coaching and training. On request, qián can guide companies and agencies on the road to excellence through modular and personalised training and coaching sessions.
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