Branding proposition for the logo contest of Astana 2017 (universal exhibition).

Astana . Expo 2017
Kazakhstan is the crossroads of Europe and Asia. For thousands of years this land was located
on the border of civilizations and religions, which became a reason for the formation of cultural
identity, which has absorbed all the best of eastern and western traditions. This is the main
uniqueness of Kazakhstan.
Amazingly beautiful country, where mighty mountain tops and rocky peaks rub shoulders with
dense forests and clear lakes. A country where impetuous rivers outflow from the glittering
glaciers. Where nature surprises you with its unique flora and fauna.
Kazakhstan is one of the richest countries in the world in terms of its oil, gas and uranium
reserves. It is an industrial country, mining being one of the main sources of its economic
In 1998 the new capital of the country was renamed: it was given the name of Astana,
which means the “capital” in Kazakh language.
A young capital has become a symbol of creation, creativity 
and progress of Kazakh people. 
The territory of EXPO 2017 will be a visible area of sustainable development and utilization of
new energy sources. In particular, energy supply of the territory will be provided by means of
alternative sources of energy, and eco-sustainable materials will be used for buildings.
Find the differentiator
 >>  2017  <<
Immersion in the Kazakh culture and find the visual DNA.
<<  the Symmetry  >>
2017 result in symmetry
Solar spirit of Genghis Khan through color.
Color :  wealth of a nation.
The symbol : tool of ownership.
photo © Jimmy Nelson (  )
This creative path that is obvious to me.
Giving rise to a timeless identity.
A contemporary and ancient.
Thank you.
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